Beer Club


Mission Statement

The Beer Club TT is the first of its kind in Trinidad and Tobago, offering an exclusive beer club and subscription. The Club will offer a wide variety of foreign and local beers for beginners or seasoned veterans of beer drinking. Guidelines to how you should rate, and taste beers shall be given to truly enhance the experience that is Beer; members will be part of a community dedicated to appreciating the craft.

The Beer Club TT seeks to spread the knowledge of how to drink beer, pour into a glass, pair with foods, differences between the types of beers and finally to truly appreciate this age-old craft. Beer Club TT will ensure that all members have access to a wide variety of different beers from around the world.

Trips abroad will be arranged to visit breweries together for members, discounts on beer tasting event nights and any beer related events held. We truly wish to spread the passion for Beer that is around the world, to our wonderful islands of Trinidad and Tobago and hope you will join us in this experience.



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